Daisy Class

The Daisy classroom operates from the Eagle Room. It has maximum 12 children at once with two teachers and one assistant.

Clearly defined areas in the clasrooms:

  • Practical Life area: Pouring, Transferring, Sorting, Cutting, Matching, Opening and Closing, Dressing, Threading and Sewing activities.
  • Sensorial area: Refinement of the senses using speacialised wooden Montessori materials.
  • Language area: Pencil control exercises, Reading and writing exercises using the Montessori phonetic approach: I spy games, Inset for design, Sandpaper letters and word building using the pink series (three letter phonetic words).
  • Maths area: Counting rhymes and songs, recognition of number symbols, Sandpaper numbers, Spindle box (loose quantitiy and fixed numbers, concept of zero), Counters and numbers (loose symbols and loose quantitiy, concept of odd and even numbers) and Short bead stairs.
  • Cultural area: various puzzles and activities covering Geography, Biology and Science.
  • ICT area: laptop, CD player and headphones, iPad, digital camera, torches and remote controlled toys 
  • Book corner: selection of picture and word books in English and other foreign language
  • Art area: Easel and various mark making materials
  • Role play: kitchen, dressing up, tent, shop, pirates, castle, farm, animals, Lego, train track, garage, blocks, stickle bricks, etc
  • French, Music and Ballet classes once a week