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Bluebell Class

The Bluebell classroom operates from the larger Allison room and has maximum 24 children at once.

Clearly defined sections in the clasrooms:

  • Practical Life area: Pouring, Transferring, Sorting, Cutting, Matching, Opening and Closing, Dressing, Threading and Sewing activities.
  • Sensorial area: Refinement of the senses using specialisied wooden Montessori equipment.
  • Language area: Reading and writing using Montessori materials and the phonetic approach: pencil control exercises, Inset for design, Sandpaper letters, word building using the Large Moveable Alphabet (LMA) with the pink (three letter words), blue (consonant blends) and green series (diagraphs) of words.
  • Maths area: Counting rhymes and songs, Number rods, Sandpaper numbers, Spindle box, Concept of zero, Counters and numbers, Odd and even numbers, Bead materials, numbers up to 1000 using the golden bead material, Seguin board, bank game, etc
  • Cultural area: Geography (sandpaper and continent globe, land and water forms, various puzzle maps, continent boxes using real objects), Biology (Biology puzzles with parts of animals and plants, skeleton, native birds adn wildflowers, life cycle cards, etc) and Science (the Solar system, magnetism, magnifying glass, science experiments, etc). 
  • Nature table with leaving plant, nature findings and pictures.
  • ICT area: laptop, CD player, iPad, digital camera, torches, remote controlled toys and headphones.
  • Book corner: Comfortable reading area with various books in English and other languages
  • Art area: various mark making materials
  • Role play; babies, dressing up, tent, shop, picnic, animals, Lego, pirates cove, blocks, train set, etc
  • French, Ballet and Music classes once per week

There at least four staff members in the classroom: three teachers and one assistant.

The teaching practice and work experience students are not counted into the staff to child ratio.