The Ofsted Report

Both Nightingale Montessori Nurseries are registered and regularly inspected by Ofsted

Nightingale 1 Montessori nursery's last Ofsted inspection was on 05/03/2020.

The nursery was graded Good with Outstanding elements. The report is full of positive feedback on the nursery "Children are extremely independent and are confident when managing their own tasks, such as tidying up. They are supported to develop feelings of empathy and undersanding of their emotional intelligence. They demonstarte this through kindness as they support each other during tasks. Staff have extremely high expectations of children's behaviour. Children listen well and follow clear instructions from staff. Children are extremely respectful of each other and are keen to support those who are new to the setting."

The only recomendations is to 'review the organisation of transiton times within the daily routine to fully promote children's learning'

As the inspection was conducted on World Book Day the transtion to the garden was extended as many children had to be changed before going outside and going home (it was a cold and rainy day). The nursery already introduced strengthended handwashing procedures following goverment guidelines to stop the spreading of Covid-19 but this also resulted getting ready for new activites to be slightly delayed. The nursey challenged the grading and submitted a complaint about the lack of flexibility and oversight of unusual circumstances.

You can view the full report here.

The nursery was graded  Outstanding in all areas in September 2014: The staff meet children's needs exceptionally well through rigorous assessment and very well targeted next steps for learning.' 'Children make excellent progress because areas of learning are covered in much depth and breadth alongside Montessori areas. Staff provide a strong emphasis on children selecting their own activities according to ability which fosters independent learning, confidence and skill extremely well.' 'The quality of teaching is very strong. Staff instinctively know when to make timely interventions in children's play to extend their learning and support children very well to think things through for themselves.'  Ofsted 2014

You can view the full report here.

The nursery was also garded Outstandign in 2011.

Nightingale 2 Montessori nursery's last inspection was on 15/03/2017. The nursery was graded Outstanding in all four areas. 

'Children are exceptionally confident and deeply curious learners. Staff value children as individuals and form strong relationships with each child, who settle very well. Staff teach children excellent safety awareness and children behave in very safe ways.'

'Staff have excellent knowledge and understanding of very clear procedures to follow should they have any concerns around a child's welfare. Staff are highly vigilant regarding children's safety and carry out regular safety checks of the environment. The manager ensures that staff are suited to their roles by carrying out very thorough background checks.'

'Children have excellent understanding of and respect for others. They learn how to share and take turns very well, such as during group discussions. They wait for their turn to speak and listen to and value what others have to say. Children are extremely independent. For example, they have excellent self-dressing skills, help to prepare their snacks and clear their plates away. Children learn valuable skills for their future learning.' Ofsted 2017

You can view the full report here.


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