MEAB (Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board)

Both nurseries are accredited by the MEAB (Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board).

The MEAB scheme aims to ensure that all schools using the Montessori name offer high quality education and care to children.

MEAB was introduced in 2008 by the Montessori St. Nicholas charity. The scheme was developed with the assistance of the British Accreditation Council and Independent Schools Inspectorate. 

The accreditation process looks at how a setting delivers Montessori principles through its daily practice. 

Nightingale 1 Montessori Nursery was first accredited in June 2011.

"The nursery provides a calm and caring environment with the staff committed to a consistent Montessori approach and practice. The children are happy, communicative and relaxed and move about the rooms purposefully. They are aware of what is expected of them."

"The Montessori approach is strongly adhered to and is carefully embedded in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Children have access to the full range of Montessori materials, and supporting resources, which they use throughout the two and half hour work cycle. This encourages a high level of spontaneous learning and the development of independence, confidence and courteous behaviour. Teachers are very skilled at meeting all children’s developmental needs as well as extending children’s learning."

The accreditation status lasts for three years. The nursery attained two reaccreditations in July 2014 and June 2017.

"The nursery ‘follows the child’, assessing each individual’s specific needs and ensuring appropriate materials and activities are available for them to achieve their potential. The adults are there for the children when needed, but do not intervene unless specifically required. During the visits the children were seen to be fully engaged in their learning, and the background ‘hum’ was definitely conducive to each child’s intellectual and social learning journey.  

On the day of the second visit the high standards that had been noted at the first were again evident in every aspect of the day’s activities. This is a genuinely enriching Montessori environment."

Nightingale 1 Montessori's full reports can be viewed on the MEAB website:

Nightingale 2 Montessori Nursery has gained the accredited status in June 2013. The nursery has sucessfully attained reaccreditation in June 2017.

"Nightingale 2 Montessori provides very good learning opportunities for children.' 'There are many very good examples of homemade activities, demonstrating the commitment of the staff and ensuring the nursery retains its unique character. The warm atmosphere of the hall is enriched by the provision of plants, low lighting and rugs. Children have freedom to access all activities inside and outside (with adult support in accessing the garden) throughout the morning. Activities are within easy reach for the children, systematically arranged in labeled areas of learning and take into consideration the developmental needs of the children present. Space is used very effectively to encourage children to work independently, in a small group or coming together as a whole group, should the child choose to." 

Nightingale 2 Montessori's accreditation report can be viewed below:


St Lukes Community Hall

Nightingale 1 Montessori
St Luke's Community Hall
194 Ramsden Road
London SW12 8RQ
Tel: 07958 567210

St Stevens Church hall

Nightingale 2 Montessori
St Stephen's Church Hall
35 Weir Road
London SW12 0NU
Tel: 07930 401769